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We’ve already announced a contest for the Starving Artist Tour, but guess what - we aren’t done. In fact, we’ve got a special event lined up as well!

PacSet Tours proudly presents: Digital Art Livestream Tutorial

When: Sunday, April 22 - 2PM Pacific Standard Time (5PM Eastern)

Where: Right here! Link will go live on PacSet Tours Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr before the event.

What: We welcome awesome artist, friend, and DreamWorks Animation Staff Grace Fong as she takes guests through tutorials on Perspective, Anatomy, and Lighting in Photoshop. 

Seasoned pros, aspiring artists and spectators are all welcome! If you have any questions about the event, leave a comment below, tweet us @PacSetTours, or e-mail info at pacsettours dot com. See you Sunday!

That’s right, guys!  I’ll be teaching a tutorial covering perspective, anatomy, and lighting - this Sunday, April 22 at 2 PM PDT.  (Here is a time zone converter. My city is “Los Angeles”).  And my friend Evan from PacSet Tours will be here to answer all your questions about Japan pop culture travel!

Please tell your friends - re-blog!  See you then.

My awesome friend Grace is teaching a perspective, anatomy, and lighting class this upcoming Sunday, April 22 at 2 PM PDT through Livestream. If you’re free then, feel free to check it out! :) 

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